Since 2017 are moved to break cultural barriers and bring people together with art. We invite artists ftom different backgrounds and contexts to come together in events and online and share their perspectives. We want people's voices to be heard and to spread the new vision towards the world.



A visual testimony of artists and creatives during the global quarantine - coping mechanisms, creative mechanisms, potential surviving techniques, visions - the new narratives of the paradigm we are currently living.



A new evening by Locked Room Sessions. This time, we are taking over ACRA, with local and international artists. We will have a little bit of everything: poetry, live music, installations, performances, video art, live painting, relaxing in the garden and more surprises to be unveiled soon!


Open Week

We connected with 11 different spaces in the city, from books tores to caffes and night clubs. For 5 days, more than 30 local and international artists presented themselves in Braga. There were pop-up exhibitions across the city as well as video art installations. All the events were in small informal places, motivating discussion and networking.


Sessions I,II & III :

31/07, 10/11, 29/12

As a grassroots way of organizing artists and collective learning of different mediums. We've had concerts, jams, collective art exhibitions, installations, a comic book premiere and performances and opened up to all members of the public inviting them to the discussion with the artists. The results are published on our social media and website. Of course none of this goes without struggle. Being open to a wide range of people, we fully support and are engaged in the contemporary artist's struggle and the local community.